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Coaching provides you as the business owner or corporate executive an experienced and credentialed counselor…a trusted advisor. In coaching and advising, we work with you one-on-one to understand your business, its issues and then coach you to construct a personal and business plan unique to your needs and desires.  This plan gives you a clarity of direction, accountability for implementation and ongoing advice to solve both your immediate and long-term business success needs. Bottom line…we want you to create the change in your business to grow and innovate it to the success you desire.

At Van Carpenter, we want you to have the level of coaching and advice you need.   Our offerings are crafted to provide you those options for success.  Whether it is a project, by the hour or as a scheduled time for once a week or by the month, our coaching and advice is designed to fit your need and periodicity.  

Our Van Carpenter Advisory Approach

As a business leader or owner, we all have different needs for solving issues from time to time.  That’s why Van Carpenter provides you a choice of Advice, Coaching and Consulting in the same Advisory Package.


Occasionally, you will need a trusted advisor with specific knowledge to help you brainstorm new ideas or work specifically on a business issue that’s holding your company back.  At this point, you need a business advisor that can bring ideas and experience to the table or help you locate the tools or team to solve your current issue.  Or you can call them at any time during implementation and get any additional advice you need to be successful.  That Advising!


There are times you need to have a trusted advisor help you determine your plan for growing or changing your business.  We will employ our proven coaching methodology to draw from you the direction and prepare a plan for implementation.  We will then hold you accountable to that plan of implementation and help you work through issues as they arise.  That’s Coaching!



And sometimes, you just need an expert or advisor to come in, analyze your company issues and give you the answers in an actionable report that you can then implement with your existing team and resources.  That’s Consulting!

Our Packaged Offerings Include:


What’s in it For You?

Initial Clarity and direction: Uses 3D Framework to focus your efforts for profitability.

Recommended Duration/Engagement

1-6 hours monthly for 1 month to 3 months: or as a specified project


What’s in it For You?

Builds on 3D to stabilize systems and cash flow; build profits and optimize offerings based on market. Leadership training.

Recommended Duration/Engagement

6-8 hours monthly for 3-6 months minimum; or as a specified project


What’s in it For You?

All the items from above, plus better definition of target market and your differentiation; market and sales planning; customer service and distribution strategy. Addition of team and leadership training.

Recommended Duration/Engagement

6-8 hours monthly for 6-9 months minimum: or as a specified project


What’s in it For You?

Starts with your stable profitable company and use 3D Framework to create and specify what is needed for total re-invention of your company.  May be products, go-to-market- strategy, diversification and better systems or process to innovate and grow your company exponentially

Recommended Duration/Engagement

6-8 hours monthly for 9 months to a year minimum: or as a specified project


What’s in it For You?

You have a specific issue that you would like to address and solve innovatively

Recommended Duration/Engagement

From 1 hour to 1 year

Leverage Van Carpenter for advice, education, strategies, tactics and predictable implementation to build and grow your business beyond anything you ever expected in any economy or market. Our mission is to quite simply to define, design and deploy innovative solutions with measurable results to take your unique business to the next level of success and profitability that you desire.

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It’s Time for Your Trusted Advisor

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